3 Steps to Setting Up Your Business Google Local Search Listing

Lead generation and Google Local Search make the perfect combination. Regardless if you have a warehouse, a brick and mortar store or any other type of business you need visitors to your business website, and using Google Local Search for lead generation is an effective tactic.

This program is very simple to use. You simply enter a keyword like pizza shop or shoe stores and the zip code or city. You will then be presented with the results, any reviews, any contact information and a map.Many people who are looking for specific places are looking in their local area. They want a service provider that they trust and can recognize as well as a place they can visit in their own area. Local business owners benefit from using Google Local. It enables their listing to show up in local searches, and it gives out their details and offers depending on what the searcher entered. Below are 3 steps to getting started with Google Local Search.

Set up Shop

It is not an automatic process being added to Google Local, therefore the business owner will have to set up their business information in the Google Business Center. However, occasionally you might see your business listing in Google Places. If you did not add your listing there personally, you will need to still claim that listing as well as verify that all business information is accurate. It is likely you will have to add more details to it as well.

Proper Keyword Selection

Selecting the right keywords to optimize your listing is a must. When using Local Search, keep your ideal customers in mind and their reason for buying from you. This is important when you are picking out your keywords. Your main objective here is to anticipate the search terms your customers will be typing into Google search when they are seeking out the products and services that you sell. Focus on small niche groups for best results.

Play by the Rules

Properly claim your Google Local listing and ensure it does not violate any rules. Making only a couple mistakes, such as adding in too many keywords in your description, can hurt your listing with the algorithm of search engines. For more information on Google Local Search and other web services, please contact us here at JC Whelan LLC.