5 Pillars for all Michigan Web Design Companies to Abide By

For Michigan web design companies, as well as those across the country, there are certain areas that demand our attention.  These are concepts and applications that must be met – otherwise, the end product will not meet expectations and standards, ultimately failing.

What are these pillars, and why are they so important?  We follow a recent look from Jim Yu, who dubs this “5 Pillar Approach” and offers some good insights:

  1. Design: There is a balance between design, usability, and SEO that must be met.  Design must take into account what the users want, have great navigation, and offer some creativity.

  2. Usability: What good is a website that can’t deliver in actual usability?  From clear headlines to eye-tracking studies, there are plenty of general and narrow tips Yu mentions.  They are all a great framework for understanding the user experience.

  3. SEO: As Yu notes, this is where marketing and technical departments should align.  A site should incorporate friendly URLs and avoid technologies that search engines don’t like.

  4. Content: Great content and copy is essential for a successful website.  Organized well and applicable to your audience, content can easily make a website.

  5. Integration: How will your site integrate with different devices, most notably the mobile world?  What about social media?  Integration strings it all together.

This approach from Yu must be a part of any web design company’s process – whether it is these actual steps or a related approach.  In any shape or form, these pillars must be touched on in the process for a website to have real chances of success.