7 Ways to Win with a Website Marketing Company

Enlisting the help of a website marketing company is a great way to reach your goals.  After all, it may be the only way to rev up business – by taking online marketing seriously for your website.

But how should you proceed?  Sterling McKinley expands upon this subject in his “Seven ways to win the online marketing marathon,” which your business can use along the way:

  1. Think Long Term: It will take time.  Think much more than two or three months ahead.  The company will work with you to see the bigger picture, as well.

  2. Have Goals: Clearly-defined goals will help you see the progress within the company.  It can also be a critical part of the wider picture.

  3. Be Available: As McKinley points out, “the Internet is always ‘on.’”  Make sure you are aware that progress can be made, even when your doors are closed.  Your website marketing company can help you with best practices, such as responding to messages in a timely manner from new visitors.

  4. Go Mobile: Establish a plan for mobile visitors and how it relates to your company.  The company can help your website cater to this audience – which is growing.

  5. Location, Location, Location: Put an emphasis on local search.  Instead of opening up the phone book, potential customers are searching online.  You’ll want to be there when this happens.

  6. Use Video: This media form is an excellent way to engage others – so that they can see and hear you, which impacts brand/website identity.

  7. Traditional Media is Dead: Spending money on phone books, TV, and radio may be a waste.  Again, talk to your website marketing company for their take – but proceed carefully.

Use these ways to evaluate your marketing plan and to think strategically alongside your website marketing company.  After all, you will still need to be part of the equation.

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