An Internet Marketing Company that Sees the Big SEO Picture

A lot of companies are too focused on “traditional” search engine optimization (SEO). Or, to put it more accurately, they’re too worried about keywords and other metrics that can affect SEO value.

There is much more to SEO than keywords, headlines, and other metric-driven items. Sure, they retain their own level of significance. But there is a bigger picture that incorporates more than just that – you can take it from an Internet marketing company that specializes in SEO.

In reality, a number of factors affect SEO that is not necessarily SEO. Confused? Here are some examples:

  • Social Media: Google does index social media accounts. If you have a strong following on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, your website will enjoy SEO benefits.
  • Links: Link building can boost SEO as well. This can involve internal and reciprocal links, directory work, and more. However, be careful, as there are many companies out there that will get you banned from Google, simply by using dishonorable link building techniques.
  • Content Marketing: Use your company’s blog to share great articles that you’ve written. If other bloggers take note, and it receives attention on social media, you can increase SEO considerations beyond the post’s “mere” presence on your site!

SEO is a wide world, and there is great opportunity. Not only can these techniques increase business and traffic, but it can help you relate to customers and reach out to them. It all begins with SEO – but taken in the right way.

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