Avoid web crawler banishment through reputable SEO services

Avoid web crawler banishment through reputable SEO services

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – in its inception was touted as the ideal “siren” that lured search engines to web sites. The idea was that if you used popular search keywords, you would end up high on the hit list as Google responded to a query or web search.

Unfortunately, some disreputable seo services (and ill-informed web designers) both abused and overloaded the SEO realm. Unwary customers were duped into using SEO keywords with links that actually bounced to competitors. The mess was compounded with so-called keyword “stuffing” where quality of content was sacrificed on the altar of large quantities of keywords placed willy-nilly on home pages and illogical links.

So the quality of web content suffered as confidence in web crawlers began to wane.

Then Google intervened and started penalizing websites where content quality did not correlate with keyword use. Their current standards for getting the best search results have everything to do with quality presentation and site construction:

  • Choose your web page titles wisely. Compose the title to describe your enterprise in one informative and concise phrase.

  • Select your domain name to help the web crawler find you quicker. Employ logical, descriptive domain titles, as well as sub-pages; for example, smithstiresales.com/wheel-alignments will get more hits than just smiths.tires.com/align.

  • Use meta descriptions (those little note thingies that crop up when you pass your mouse over some portion of the page) as lures for the search engine. Do not exceed 160 characters and make each description unique and straightforward.

  • Here’s a biggie: Keep your site current and fresh: Start a blog!  Since your website is like your storefront, don’t leave it unattended. Tell your customers about sales, new products, special offers, etc. Use that blog page to meld in SEO keywords that fit both contextually and syntactically (i.e., logical word order).

What to do if your site is stagnating at number 400,000 on the Google Search engine

Your solution here is simple and we’re here to help you make page one. Contact us and we’ll show you the website solutions to boost your business. Whether you’re just now jumping into the e-commerce world or need to get back on track, we’ll help you make it right.

Search Engine Optimization Consultants Help Get Your Site Viewed

Search Engine Optimization Consultants Help Get Your Site Viewed

Does traffic to your site fluctuate with irregular frequency? Are you looking for something to stabilize your traffic volume and increase it? Do you need experts to give you the information you need to accomplish this goal? You may consider consulting with JC Whelan, LLC, a search engine optimization service.

Search engine optimization, SEO, is a system of techniques designed to increase the pagerank or search result of any site. As each search engine generates their respective results with a proprietary algorithm, these techniques are specific in their implementation. A consultant can identify which of these techniques would be best for your site and your customers.

If your business is local or global, search engine optimization can improve the amount of leads generated. This gives your business the advantage to grow these leads into conversions. With people becoming more dependent on their mobile devices, performing techniques that can target this growing market gives potential customers an incentive to seek your services when they are already out of their homes and are out shopping around town. Let SEO work to bring customers to your business.

Search engines do forbid certain techniques and will remove any sites that are discovered using these techniques. An SEO consultant can help you avoid such techniques by pointing you in the right direction.

JC Whelan LLC, provides search engine optimization and other services. If you think that a search engine optimization solution can benefit your business, please contact us for more information detailed around your needs.

SEO Consultants Must Make Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

You have probably received at least one email message today from a company promising to get you to the number one spot on Google or Bing, if you will only pay them a lot of money.  There are two things wrong with this promise – one, they can’t do it and two, you just may not want to be sitting at the number one spot on Google.  SEO is not some kind of magical power, however, SEO consultants must make your business stand out from the crowd.  So, what can an SEO consultant do?

Understand Business and Marketing Goals

A winning SEO campaign cannot even be started without a complete understanding of your business goals and the exact mission and purpose of your internet presence.  The internal and external makeup of your website or blog will depend on this understanding.

Keyword Research and Tracking

It is important to understand that keywords aren’t just about getting visitors to your website, but more about attracting the right kind of visitors.  Having your website rank well for the right keywords can be the determining factor in your website’s success or failure.  With keyword research and tracking, SEO consultants can provide content that web searchers are already actively seeking.

Content Analysis

Not too long ago, creating web content to please search engines was considered good SEO, but times have changed along with the changing search engine algorithms. Today, web content must be created to please the interests of website visitors and it must be the type of content they would like to share.  Website owners must stand for something and write about it.

Link Analysis

An important part of effective SEO is performing a thorough inbound link analysis.  This process not only reveals a website’s strongest and weakest links, but also helps to understand more about the domains that are linking to a given website.  Link audits can also uncover technical SEO problems, which could be a barrier to positive search results.

Monthly Tracking

Website performance must be evaluated regularly to determine whether or not modifications here and there can improve a visitor’s online experience.  As algorithms are constantly changing, websites must change with the times.

Whether your plans include a complete redesign of an existing website or the launching of a new site, the services of an experienced SEO consultant can be a very worthwhile investment.  Why not make sure that your website is designed to be search engine friendly from the very beginning?

At JCWhelan, we understand the importance of good SEO as it relates to the marketing goals of your business.  Contact us today and let us show you how we can make your business outperform and outlast the competition.

SEO Services Adapt To 2013 Trends

2013 will undoubtedly be a year in which content, mobile, video, and Google authorship gain traction inSEO services. Simultaneously, certain link-building techniques that were popular in the past will be increasingly less effective in driving high search engine rankings. 

Mobile & Video in SEO

Showing up in both mobile and video search results continues to grow in importance. Mobile devices are not only becoming more numerous. They are increasingly the means used to browse the web.

Analysis of your particular customers’ Internet behavior patterns is more important. Not every business will require a major focus on mobile and/or video search engine results.

Nonetheless, ask yourself whether your customers are likely to use four square or yelp, rather than google, to find you. Also analyze whether the creation of videos will likely benefit your business or not. Finally, sme cost-benefit analysis is important in the mobile and video realms. Is the expense and effort to accelerate mobile and/or video presence worth it?

2013: Content, Content, Content

For a couple of years, a variety of aggressive link-building and other SEO tactics skyrocketed in importance. Then Google and other search engines got wise to this and algorithms were promptly amended. Quality search traffic from “hands-off” link-building services is declining.

Now that low-quality tactics and tricks no longer work, the effectiveness of ranking via original and high-quality content has actually increased. Moreover, genuine, quality content has every reason to remain valuable for a long time. For many businesses, maintaining search rankings may get a bit more expensive. However, quality content is arguably more capable of producing referrals and high quality traffic that is truly desired.

In numerous business sectors, organic search engine traffic is now reduced. Certain searches will generate a whole page full of results from a single domain, effectively locking new enterprises out of success with those keywords. Paid channels will become more important for many, including some that are not search -related.

Google Authorship

This involves identifying pages as essentially representing the work of the author. These highlighted posts are then included in certain search results along with author information.

Developing a quality Google authorship profile can be an appropriate response to Google’s changed rules of the game. It can also be a proactive measure should such authorship become even more important in the future. In short, implementing and developing such authorship can be effective.

For strategies to maximize your business’ SEO success, please contact us so that we might learn of your specific needs and goals.


Twitter’s Vine Expands Into Internet Marketing Service

Have you heard of Vine? It is the newest social media feature on Twitter. A mobile video app that allows you only 6 seconds to make a point. Since January 24, 2013, companies are working hard at figuring out how to utilize this for their benefit.

Vine marketing is like all marketing campaigns, your feature must be well thought out. Address to your specific market and not just anyone. With such a wide audience on Twitter it is tempting to say anything and everything hoping to grab a larger group. While, that might happen it may not be the best return on investment (ROI). Think about what message you want your market to hear and understand. Keep your brand image consistent. Consult an internet marketing service for the strongest strategy.

Here are 7 tips to get you started:

  1. Create new videos appropriate for 6 seconds viewing that loops.

  2. Keep it simple and stay on one great idea or concept.

  3. Do not use Vine for private groups, it is public.

  4. Think Vine as a movie trailer. It is a glimpse of what great things you have to offer without much detail.

  5. Demonstrate your brand’s image and personality.

  6. Make it fun, creative, and quirky.

  7. Bring your 140-character text Tweet to life as a visual.

  8. Vine marketing is in the early stages and needs to be evaluated for its success. Twitter and Vine currently do not provide any analytics. You will need to be responsible in creating your own by tracking visits, leads, link clicks, third party analytics, and more.

At JC Whelan we are the web and social media savvy team members that will boost your sales process through integrated solutions. Services include SEO and social networking. Contact us to upgrade your online marketing strategy.

Why hiring the right seo company should be important to you

It’s more important than ever that today’s business have a good grasp on the SEO used to market their website. Hiring the right seo company is paramount to providing an effective business model. Like a person without a phone number or contact address, a low-ranking google result can make it hard for interested customers to find your business. Let’s look at a few ways in which SEO can help you grow.

It makes your business more visible.  Think about all the times you’ve made a Google search. Chances are you didn’t scroll down to the fifth or sixth page before you clicked on a result and read it. Your customers aren’t likely to do so, either. Good SEO is the difference between your business being the first on a Google results page or the last. For that reason it’s important to make sure that you hire an SEO company with skills geared toward your area of sale.

It makes your information easier to find, so customers will have an easier time contacting you.  Again, like a person with no phone number or address, a business with difficult-to-find contact details won’t last very long. It’s important that your customers, whether they are individual consumers or other businesses, are able to find your contact information quickly and easily.  A good SEO company can help you by ensuring that your phone number and address are the first thing to come up when a customer types your business name into a search engine.

The wrong SEO techniques will actually get you banned from Google.

A good SEO company knows this, and will try to avoid tricks like keyword stuffing (when someone puts the same keyword over and over again into a block of text) and the use of hidden text. While in days long past these were valid SEO techniques, nowadays Google knows better. Poor SEO, or attempts to game the system, will simply get your website delisted from Google altogether.

 Now that you know why it’s important that every website have good SEO backing it, it’s time to get down to finding a company. JC Whelan, LLC has a plethora of experience providing SEO to a variety of different customers, depending on their marketing needs. Contact us for more information regarding your SEO decisions.


Why Evolving Search Engines Make Using A Search Engine Optimization Company A Must

There is little doubt search engine optimization represents the single best marketing option for your online business. The question is whether you should try to do it on your own or hire a quality search engine optimization company to take on the task? A close look at what is happening with leading search engines makes the answer obvious.


Google is the most popular search engine outside of China. Just under 70 percent of all search engine searches are done through Google. With this massive market share, it is critical you tailor any search engine optimization effort towards getting high rankings on Google to maximize traffic to your site.

How does one get top 10 rankings on Google? One could look to the original name of Google to get an idea. The company was originally called “BackRub”, a reference to the use of linking as a way to rank sites. Google essentially counted the number of links pointing to a site to determine how high it should appear in the rankings for certain keywords.

The rather primitive approach used by Google was ripe for abuse. Soon there were companies and sites generating massive numbers of links through all types of nefarious conduct, but the links were effective in pushing sites to the top of the rankings.

Google realized it had a problem and reacted. In the last two years, it rolled out the Panda and Penguin updates. Each radically changed how sites are ranked by Google. Sites using link schemes were penalized or purged from the Google rankings, a death knell for many businesses.

Is Google done updating the method it uses to rank sites? No. Matt Cutts, a spokesman for the company, has revealed Google is going over 500 changes a year to its ranking process. That is roughly 1.5 changes a day, which points out the exact reason outsourcing your ranking campaigns to a search engine optimization company makes sense.

Do you have the time to track the 45 plus changes Google is making to its ranking process each month? Not if you are hoping to actually have time to run your business!

At JC Whelan, search engine optimization is our business so we are already on top of the changes being made. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to get your site top rankings on Google.


Content, Link Quality Key For Effective Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the new buzz phrase in an era of evolving search engine technology. Today’s websites must conform to a predetermined set of standards in order to be effectively indexed by Google or face getting hopelessly sent to the bottom of their search results. But since Google’s last Penguin update, many sites have experienced decreased rankings from having links that were recognized as spam and low-quality.

Because Google analyzes websites that link to your own, it is important to have a credible link profile. There are ways to ensure that your site does not contain unnatural links that Google can flag and send your site directly to the bottom of their rankings.

  1. Don’t purchase links from other websites with matching anchor text. Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in the hyperlink. Google will consider this a measure to manipulate rankings which will substantially drop your ranking.
  2. Don’t use comment spam. Comments that are also an exact match to the anchor text, including a spammy user name, will also be flagged by Google.
  3. Link and post on reputable websites. Guest posting is a great way to link to your website. However, Google will recognize low-quality websites and toss them out. Do not link with sites that focus on anchor text. These include article marketing sites with thin content.
  4. Delete links from unscrupulous websites. If your website contains links to websites that were flagged for malware, pop-ups, or other spammy issues, your own website can lose its Google ranking.

While following the above guidelines can avoid your website from going to the SEO basement, there are other factors to consider. These include making sure your site does not contain too many ads and consistently has fresh content. Having the business listed on Google+ doesn’t hurt either.

With the new year upon us, it’s time to take a closer look at your website to ensure that it follows Google’s protocol for quality. JC Whelan can increase your website’s visibility with their SEO expertise. Contact us today for more information on their SEO and other internet marketing solutions.

The Benefits of Using the Right SEO Company

If you are setting up a new Internet business, you know how important it is to have a good approach to search engine optimization. Even if you have managed to design an attractive-looking website, your efforts will be in vain if you cannot manage to generate traffic to your site. A lot of people are having trouble monetize their site due to a poor seo trategy. In fact, if you want to build a successful business online, you should know very well about SEO and Internet marketing.
Building a successful website online is not an overnight task. If you are new to the online business world, especially if you know nothing about SEO, you should try to adapt yourself and learn a lot. Learning about SEO is not like any other type of learning, since you will not find any official school that teaches you SEO. You will have to learn from other successful Internet marketers, and you will have to go through the trial and error process.

If you want to speed up your learning process and get straight to developing your website, you should try hiring a professional SEO service to help you. A professional search engine optimisation expert can investigate your site, identify the problem and start drawing up a plan to advertise your site all over the Internet.

Instead of having to do SEO on your own and go through trials and errors, you can simply hire a professional to help you with the task. You can then freely pursue other more important tasks such as developing new strategies for your business, or adding new products. Your professional seo company will take over the rest and make sure that your website will get more traffic and increased sales.

A lot of small businesses now use a professional SEO service to help them with the task of marketing their site. If you have not enough time for the tedious, boring task of doing link building or writing content, you should definitely think about hiring someone to help you.

The cost of a SEO service is nothing compared to the benefits you will receive. As with any businesses, you need to invest something before you can gain something. The same thing is true for doing online business. If you are willing to invest some money in SEO, you will have a higher chance of generating profits from your business. It is imperative that you treat yo ur online business the way you treat a traditional offline business  . By hiring a SEO company, you increase your chance of getting found by potential customers. Through various SEO campaigns, the SEO agency will gradually increase your site’s traffic. Increased traffic means increased sales and profits.

Contact us today and we will help you take your business to the next level.

Why Professional Seo Services Can Help Your Business

Michigan SEO Services

If you are looking for the most effective way to promote your products and services online, you should seriously consider using the professional help of seo services. These services will help get your website fully optimized which will increase your traffic in the shortest amount of time and in turn increase your revenue.

As you may know, the more traffic you are getting to your website, the more chances you will have to convert this traffic into paying customers. Regardless, if you are new in the industry or an established marketer, using professional services for your SEO work will make a big difference in the overall performance of your website. For the best results possible, you should consider outsourcing to a professional company that understands exactly what is involved in SEO.  Professional services should include tasks like:

• Keyword Research
• SEO Copywriting
• PPC campaigns
• Internet Marketing
• Viral Marketing
• Email Marketing
• Social Media
• E-Commerce
• Link Building
• Content Writing
• Local SEO

These are just some of the SEO services that may be provided.  The company will coordinate all of these areas and provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient campaign possible. These types of services can be customized and a professional company will have experience in handling these types of tasks in a result-oriented and planned manner. SEO can be very challenging and is always evolving with constant changes being made due to continuous algorithmic changes from the big search engines, specifically Google.

This past year alone was quite the challenge for many marketers out there trying to keep their online websites in the search rankings.  Both the Google Panda and Penguin algorithmic updates had a huge impact on the existence of many websites in Google which affected the traffic and income of so many marketers worldwide.  This year, the focus will be on adding more value and offering more helpful information to your audience all while keeping your search engine optimization fresh and consistent.  Outsourcing to professional SEO companies can help you do just that. For more information on professional SEO services, please contact us.