Local Search Marketing with Facebook

Most marketers and businesses associate Google AdWords as the way to go for local search marketing.  Indeed, it is likely the best form of paid search marketing – whether local or global.

However, thinking that AdWords is the only way to go would be to remove a great opportunity.  Facebook has powerful paid search possibilities, thanks to its strong targeting options.

It is first wise to consider the role of Facebook in search marketing.  As users are increasingly using social networks – Facebook being the leader by a great deal – they are also using these search engines prominently.  You must also remember that social media has SEO power, which can create further value as an overall SEO and search strategy.

Thus, creating an ad in Facebook makes a lot of sense.  And since you can target very specific users – the sky is the limit.

These functions allow you to narrow your ad to specific cities and regions.  You can also further narrow your ad by tailoring it to your target audience – including age, gender, and interest demographics.  Don’t forget that you can promote a link as well; Facebook advertising is not just for building your Facebook page.

Keep your options open when it comes to local search marketing, as well as search marketing in general.  An outlet like Facebook can help you compare which methods are most effective, and social media marketing in general can be a great complement to AdWords.  Strong presences on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ will boost your SEO overall.

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Improve Your Online Performance with Michigan Website Redesign Services

Many companies already have websites they use to reach out to their target audience. However, not all of these sites are designed correctly to build the audience the business desires. While there are many website design companies that are ready and willing to create a website from scratch, if you already have one that isn’t performing well, you need Michigan website redesign services.

When you look at your website, do you feel it is lacking something? Maybe you haven’t been able to drive the traffic you desire with your site. If you aren’t getting the results you desire, it is time to contact the professionals.

A website redesign service will take a look at your current website and check it against their checklist to determine if they can make your site even better. They will look for:

  • How many visitors you draw, particularly the unique visitors and return visitors.

  • How long they stay on your site and how many pages they view.

  • How your keywords are doing in the SEO rankings.

  • How many sales you are generating.

Once they have obtained this information, they can move on to creating a new plan for your website. Part of Michigan website redesign services is to create a new site that will make improvements in the above statistics. To effectively make those changes, the redesign team will:

  • Evaluate your competitors’ sites.

  • Look at your branding and determine whether it is effective.

  • Determine the best keywords you should target.

  • Create a content strategy that will keep your site moving forward.

Once they have created a plan for your website, Michigan website redesign services will implement that plan. They will create a compelling website that will draw in more visitors and keep them on your site. Once you see the results, you will be glad you decided to hire someone to evaluate your current website and help you make changes.

You may already have a website, but if you aren’t getting the results you desire, contact us so we can evaluate your site and help you make improvements. We want to see you succeed


Get a Full E-Commerce Solution at Your Local Web Design Company in Michigan

Don’t let other companies fool you: You can get a full e-commerce solution without the price and pain associated with “the rest.”  As a local web design company in Michigan, we can do it all –from setting up your e-commerce store to marketing it, and even developing an app to grow it all.

We can unleash the power as Kentico Gold Partners, WordPress Developers, and Joomla Design experts.  For your existing HTML website or for your future idea, we can transform whatever is there into something that you can leverage for powerful sales.

This cost-effective solution doesn’t have to be difficult.  Once it’s done, you can add and edit content, media, event management, and much more on your own terms.  No add-ons are required, and you can enjoy an optimized site that capitalizes on SEO.

Worried about costs and marketing?  We can do what we can to work with you.  If that means recommending the best startup for now, we can do that.  If that means helping you market your site to see quick returns on your marketing budget, we can do that.

Having a local web design company in Michigan that can do it all – development, mobile apps, marketing, and more – is full of advantages.  We would love to work with you, to show you why we’re regarded as a leader in our industry.

Interested in learning more?  Contact us today and we can discuss your needs and how we might be able to help you.  There is absolutely no risk or obligation – and you can receive a free quote as well, if you like.


Twitter’s Vine Expands Into Internet Marketing Service

Have you heard of Vine? It is the newest social media feature on Twitter. A mobile video app that allows you only 6 seconds to make a point. Since January 24, 2013, companies are working hard at figuring out how to utilize this for their benefit.

Vine marketing is like all marketing campaigns, your feature must be well thought out. Address to your specific market and not just anyone. With such a wide audience on Twitter it is tempting to say anything and everything hoping to grab a larger group. While, that might happen it may not be the best return on investment (ROI). Think about what message you want your market to hear and understand. Keep your brand image consistent. Consult an internet marketing service for the strongest strategy.

Here are 7 tips to get you started:

  1. Create new videos appropriate for 6 seconds viewing that loops.

  2. Keep it simple and stay on one great idea or concept.

  3. Do not use Vine for private groups, it is public.

  4. Think Vine as a movie trailer. It is a glimpse of what great things you have to offer without much detail.

  5. Demonstrate your brand’s image and personality.

  6. Make it fun, creative, and quirky.

  7. Bring your 140-character text Tweet to life as a visual.

  8. Vine marketing is in the early stages and needs to be evaluated for its success. Twitter and Vine currently do not provide any analytics. You will need to be responsible in creating your own by tracking visits, leads, link clicks, third party analytics, and more.

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Why Evolving Search Engines Make Using A Search Engine Optimization Company A Must

There is little doubt search engine optimization represents the single best marketing option for your online business. The question is whether you should try to do it on your own or hire a quality search engine optimization company to take on the task? A close look at what is happening with leading search engines makes the answer obvious.


Google is the most popular search engine outside of China. Just under 70 percent of all search engine searches are done through Google. With this massive market share, it is critical you tailor any search engine optimization effort towards getting high rankings on Google to maximize traffic to your site.

How does one get top 10 rankings on Google? One could look to the original name of Google to get an idea. The company was originally called “BackRub”, a reference to the use of linking as a way to rank sites. Google essentially counted the number of links pointing to a site to determine how high it should appear in the rankings for certain keywords.

The rather primitive approach used by Google was ripe for abuse. Soon there were companies and sites generating massive numbers of links through all types of nefarious conduct, but the links were effective in pushing sites to the top of the rankings.

Google realized it had a problem and reacted. In the last two years, it rolled out the Panda and Penguin updates. Each radically changed how sites are ranked by Google. Sites using link schemes were penalized or purged from the Google rankings, a death knell for many businesses.

Is Google done updating the method it uses to rank sites? No. Matt Cutts, a spokesman for the company, has revealed Google is going over 500 changes a year to its ranking process. That is roughly 1.5 changes a day, which points out the exact reason outsourcing your ranking campaigns to a search engine optimization company makes sense.

Do you have the time to track the 45 plus changes Google is making to its ranking process each month? Not if you are hoping to actually have time to run your business!

At JC Whelan, search engine optimization is our business so we are already on top of the changes being made. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to get your site top rankings on Google.