SEO Services Adapt To 2013 Trends

2013 will undoubtedly be a year in which content, mobile, video, and Google authorship gain traction inSEO services. Simultaneously, certain link-building techniques that were popular in the past will be increasingly less effective in driving high search engine rankings.

Mobile & Video in SEO

Showing up in both mobile and video search results continues to grow in importance. Mobile devices are not only becoming more numerous. They are increasingly the means used to browse the web.

Analysis of your particular customers’ Internet behavior patterns is more important. Not every business will require a major focus on mobile and/or video search engine results.

Nonetheless, ask yourself whether your customers are likely to use four square or yelp, rather than google, to find you. Also analyze whether the creation of videos will likely benefit your business or not. Finally, sme cost-benefit analysis is important in the mobile and video realms. Is the expense and effort to accelerate mobile and/or video presence worth it?

2013: Content, Content, Content

For a couple of years, a variety of aggressive link-building and other SEO tactics skyrocketed in importance. Then Google and other search engines got wise to this and algorithms were promptly amended. Quality search traffic from “hands-off” link-building services is declining.

Now that low-quality tactics and tricks no longer work, the effectiveness of ranking via original and high-quality content has actually increased. Moreover, genuine, quality content has every reason to remain valuable for a long time. For many businesses, maintaining search rankings may get a bit more expensive. However, quality content is arguably more capable of producing referrals and high quality traffic that is truly desired.

In numerous business sectors, organic search engine traffic is now reduced. Certain searches will generate a whole page full of results from a single domain, effectively locking new enterprises out of success with those keywords. Paid channels will become more important for many, including some that are not search -related.

Google Authorship

This involves identifying pages as essentially representing the work of the author. These highlighted posts are then included in certain search results along with author information.

Developing a quality Google authorship profile can be an appropriate response to Google’s changed rules of the game. It can also be a proactive measure should such authorship become even more important in the future. In short, implementing and developing such authorship can be effective.

For strategies to maximize your business’ SEO success, please contact us so that we might learn of your specific needs and goals.


Why Companies Should Respond to Customer Reviews for Local SEO

There are many components to having an effective local SEO campaign, and of them, customer reviews are now more important than ever. This trend can be seen as ambivalent for businesses; they now have much more responsibility in dealing with customers after transactions, which will either lead to their demise if they ignore bad reviews, or will be another opportunity to show gratitude and turn one-time customers into loyal customers.

Customer reviews may seem a bit unfair for businesses; they may have plenty of satisfied customers who don’t feel the need to leave an online review, and then one disgruntled customer can wreck havoc on their brand reputation. Nevertheless, a recent Search Engine Watch article reported that 85% of consumers read reviews for local businesses and 60% of consumers read 2-6 online reviews before making a purchasing decision, signaling that unfair or not, businesses have to respond to customer reviews.

A recent Business 2 Community article discusses this new responsibility for businesses, and how both positive and negative customer reviews should be handled:

“Across all review sites and social networks, transparency is ideal. Utmost visibility means that local businesses can no longer delete these bad reviews or comments and expect the problems to disappear. Unless it is absolutely false or spam, we recommend addressing the issues and responding quickly to reassure current and potential customers that you’re on top of it. The same goes for positive remarks as well – thank them and build a loyal following.”

So even if a satisfied customer leaves a positive review of your company, it’s just as important to thank them and show that you appreciate their business. The idea is to focus on and create more attention at how your business not only has loyal customers, but also shows appreciation for them. When responding to a negative review in a professional manner, your business will seem poised and mature, juxtaposed to the over-the-top customer.

If you’re interested in local SEO and the effect of customer reviews, contact us.

3 Essentials of Local SEO

Beginning in local SEO can be a bit daunting.  There is a wealth of information out there that can be difficult to manage – from the steps you have to take to ensure good rankings, as well as in-depth information that is best suited for a later date.

You have to start with the basics, though, to truly get on track.

What are these basics?  We can follow a recent piece that offers a great starting point for this topic:

  • Know Your Audience: What are your audience’s interests?  Make sure you know the demographics of your target audience, which will help you create content that specifically meets their needs – and their searches for local SEO.

  • Include Location in Your Titles: This is a great point and essential differentiates local SEO from SEO.  If you don’t include location in your titles and, in general, focus on your location(s), you probably won’t have much luck with local SEO.

  • Claim Your Business Profile, Everywhere: From Yahoo and Merchant Circle to Google’s Local Business Center, there are plenty of places where you should be claiming your business profile.  Taking control of these (and others, such as Yelp, Foursquare, etc.) profiles is vital, as they offer amazing local SEO value.  Make sure all information is up-to-date – from your address and hours to much more!

These essentials themselves can do a great deal to raising your rankings in local searches.  Make sure you follow through well for maximum impact.

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3 Steps to Setting Up Your Business Google Local Search Listing

Lead generation and Google Local Search make the perfect combination. Regardless if you have a warehouse, a brick and mortar store or any other type of business you need visitors to your business website, and using Google Local Search for lead generation is an effective tactic.

This program is very simple to use. You simply enter a keyword like pizza shop or shoe stores and the zip code or city. You will then be presented with the results, any reviews, any contact information and a map.Many people who are looking for specific places are looking in their local area. They want a service provider that they trust and can recognize as well as a place they can visit in their own area. Local business owners benefit from using Google Local. It enables their listing to show up in local searches, and it gives out their details and offers depending on what the searcher entered. Below are 3 steps to getting started with Google Local Search.

Set up Shop

It is not an automatic process being added to Google Local, therefore the business owner will have to set up their business information in the Google Business Center. However, occasionally you might see your business listing in Google Places. If you did not add your listing there personally, you will need to still claim that listing as well as verify that all business information is accurate. It is likely you will have to add more details to it as well.

Proper Keyword Selection

Selecting the right keywords to optimize your listing is a must. When using Local Search, keep your ideal customers in mind and their reason for buying from you. This is important when you are picking out your keywords. Your main objective here is to anticipate the search terms your customers will be typing into Google search when they are seeking out the products and services that you sell. Focus on small niche groups for best results.

Play by the Rules

Properly claim your Google Local listing and ensure it does not violate any rules. Making only a couple mistakes, such as adding in too many keywords in your description, can hurt your listing with the algorithm of search engines. For more information on Google Local Search and other web services, please contact us here at JC Whelan LLC.


Mobile Optimized Websites: Targeting Nearby Areas for Local SEO

The need for having mobile optimized websites is clear.  With the impressive increase in mobile devices and searches, businesses must react and prepare for these users.  Done correctly, they can reap more growth with websites that cater to this – and all – customers.

Due to the increase in local searches, businesses that have a local presence (i.e., a physical store) must properly optimize their content.  Otherwise known as local SEO, it truly pays to target searchers who are looking for that type of business in a particular location.

Some businesses make a mistake here.  They optimize content for their city – but they fail to do so for nearby areas.

Imagine a dentist office that is located in St. Paul, Minnesota.  That may be the primary focus of their client base – but what about nearby cities?  Minneapolis is very close, along with a number of suburbs that could be targeted.

With the right approach, that office could create content for these locations.  Blog posts that mention where they are located could mention nearby cities and communities.  Hence, when customers are looking for a dentist in their area, they can see that there is a great office that isn’t too far away – and the informational/helpful posts could draw them in further, as well as other items (promotions, etc.).

Take advantage of mobile searches by identifying all opportunities for local SEO.  Feel free to contact usfor more helpful tips and to reap the benefits of local searches.  It could be a great way to take your business to the next level.


Don’t Neglect Bing Places in Local Search Optimization

Local search optimization and local search SEO are similar terms that pack a lot of power for businesses.  Any business that has a physical location will want to invest some time and money into local SEO, which will help nearby searches find the establishment.

Google has certainly made a name in the local search world, naturally, but Josh McCoy asks an important question: Is Bing Places better?

That question is probably a “no” for now, but there is a lot to gain in local SEO by taking Bing seriously.  You can quickly gain in the rankings for the world’s second-largest search engine – and it even has the ability to support the Google+ Local format.

One of the best features is the ability to include all of your social networks.  McCoy recommends adding Facebook and Twitter URLs, creating opportunities to further connect with your business.  It is the perfect bridge to your local listing.

Of course, you can benefit from the “usual” perks of listing your local business online.  Make sure that all information is correct and up to date.  Bing also allows you to add photos (up to 10) and videos (up to five) that will help your business stand out from the rest.  Other features, such as the ability to add categories to your business listing, will help it get found and rank appropriately in your area.

Bing could be a great way to add some local SEO to your business.  Take advantage of this opportunity and feel free to contact us for additional help and any questions that you may have.


Improve Your Online Performance with Michigan Website Redesign Services

Many companies already have websites they use to reach out to their target audience. However, not all of these sites are designed correctly to build the audience the business desires. While there are many website design companies that are ready and willing to create a website from scratch, if you already have one that isn’t performing well, you need Michigan website redesign services.

When you look at your website, do you feel it is lacking something? Maybe you haven’t been able to drive the traffic you desire with your site. If you aren’t getting the results you desire, it is time to contact the professionals.

A website redesign service will take a look at your current website and check it against their checklist to determine if they can make your site even better. They will look for:

  • How many visitors you draw, particularly the unique visitors and return visitors.

  • How long they stay on your site and how many pages they view.

  • How your keywords are doing in the SEO rankings.

  • How many sales you are generating.

Once they have obtained this information, they can move on to creating a new plan for your website. Part of Michigan website redesign services is to create a new site that will make improvements in the above statistics. To effectively make those changes, the redesign team will:

  • Evaluate your competitors’ sites.

  • Look at your branding and determine whether it is effective.

  • Determine the best keywords you should target.

  • Create a content strategy that will keep your site moving forward.

Once they have created a plan for your website, Michigan website redesign services will implement that plan. They will create a compelling website that will draw in more visitors and keep them on your site. Once you see the results, you will be glad you decided to hire someone to evaluate your current website and help you make changes.

You may already have a website, but if you aren’t getting the results you desire, contact us so we can evaluate your site and help you make improvements. We want to see you succeed


Get a Full E-Commerce Solution at Your Local Web Design Company in Michigan

Don’t let other companies fool you: You can get a full e-commerce solution without the price and pain associated with “the rest.”  As a local web design company in Michigan, we can do it all –from setting up your e-commerce store to marketing it, and even developing an app to grow it all.

We can unleash the power as Kentico Gold Partners, WordPress Developers, and Joomla Design experts.  For your existing HTML website or for your future idea, we can transform whatever is there into something that you can leverage for powerful sales.

This cost-effective solution doesn’t have to be difficult.  Once it’s done, you can add and edit content, media, event management, and much more on your own terms.  No add-ons are required, and you can enjoy an optimized site that capitalizes on SEO.

Worried about costs and marketing?  We can do what we can to work with you.  If that means recommending the best startup for now, we can do that.  If that means helping you market your site to see quick returns on your marketing budget, we can do that.

Having a local web design company in Michigan that can do it all – development, mobile apps, marketing, and more – is full of advantages.  We would love to work with you, to show you why we’re regarded as a leader in our industry.

Interested in learning more?  Contact us today and we can discuss your needs and how we might be able to help you.  There is absolutely no risk or obligation – and you can receive a free quote as well, if you like.


How a Great SEO Company Can Make Your Life Easier

Online marketing can be a difficult proposal. The host of techniques can make your head spin, from SEO and PPC to social media and much more.

It is SEO that retains a “special place” for any business. It’s appealing. It’s effective. And who doesn’t enjoy the prospect of organic traffic that builds up over time, which offers an impressive return on one’s time and money?

Indeed, SEO can provide that something special that a business can enjoy in their online growth. However, doing it alone can be troubling. A great SEO company can be well worth it, as the following reasons suggest:

  • You Have Experts On Your Side: Pressed with a difficult SEO decision, whether it’s technical or practical? You can talk strategy with the company and rely on their expertise.
  • Staying Updated: Google infamously rolls out changes, clarifications, and more that can play a huge role in how effective your SEO is on the business website. It can get rather tiresome if you’re not accustomed to it all…
  • Results: The professionals will almost certainly produce better results than you could on your own. It can be a simple answer whether it’s worth the investment, not to mention how you won’t have to waste your time. The SEO company can show you the metrics/results to prove what they’ve done, too – and it only (normally) gets better with time.
  • Others: Other considerations play a role. What’s the link between SEO and other marketing practices? What keywords should you be targeting that you’re not? How will SEO change as your business changes? The company can help you answer these and other questions.

SEO is not a small item in the world of online marketing. It pays to have a great SEO company on your side.

Contact us to learn more about SEO, and to get in touch with a great SEO company. We’d love to discuss how we can help your business succeed.


3 Ways Professional SEO Consultants Can Help You Grow Your Business

Understanding the need for an online presence is the first step in growing your business with the help of the Internet. However, it’s important to have a grasp of what goes into search engine optimization (or SEO), if you want your website to give you the results you’re after. That’s why it makes sense to work with professional seo consultants who understand what it takes to build a website that grows your business.

The problem most business owners face is that their time is limited. An SEO consultant offers you many services that are designed to build your individual brand and give your website a higher ranking in search engines.


Keywords are the words people use when they’re searching for products or services in search engines. You might be able to come up with a long list of keywords that would work for your business. However, an SEO consultant can fine-tune your list according to what will be the most beneficial for attracting customers to your site. The more broad your keywords are, the more competition you have for them. Pin-pointing the right keywords is vital for success.


The words that appear on your site are crucial to your website’s success. It’s important to use just the right amount of just the right keywords in order to see results. The recipe for great content is different for every business, and a professional will be able to guide you in the right direction. Not only is it important for your keywords to be present, it’s also important that your content is interesting, flows well, and engages your readers. Not everyone can write, and not everyone likes to write. An SEO expert fills in the gaps, so you don’t have to.


It seems like Google finds ways to change the SEO “game” each year. These changes can be very stressful when you’re not on top of them, and when you’re not prepared for them to take effect. When you work with a professional SEO consultant, you no longer have to worry about Google’s new algorithms causing problems for your search engine rankings. Any changes that need to be made are handled for you, leaving you able to focus on your business and not on the newest Penguin or Panda update.

At JC Whelan LLC, we understand what it takes to create a website that builds your business. As professional SEO consultants, we’re always on top of the changes Google throws at us from time to time. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your needs with you; whether you need a brand new website, or you’d like to discuss the redesign of your old website, contact us to find out how we can help you grow.