Don’t Neglect Bing Places in Local Search Optimization

Local search optimization and local search SEO are similar terms that pack a lot of power for businesses.  Any business that has a physical location will want to invest some time and money into local SEO, which will help nearby searches find the establishment.

Google has certainly made a name in the local search world, naturally, but Josh McCoy asks an important question: Is Bing Places better?

That question is probably a “no” for now, but there is a lot to gain in local SEO by taking Bing seriously.  You can quickly gain in the rankings for the world’s second-largest search engine – and it even has the ability to support the Google+ Local format.

One of the best features is the ability to include all of your social networks.  McCoy recommends adding Facebook and Twitter URLs, creating opportunities to further connect with your business.  It is the perfect bridge to your local listing.

Of course, you can benefit from the “usual” perks of listing your local business online.  Make sure that all information is correct and up to date.  Bing also allows you to add photos (up to 10) and videos (up to five) that will help your business stand out from the rest.  Other features, such as the ability to add categories to your business listing, will help it get found and rank appropriately in your area.

Bing could be a great way to add some local SEO to your business.  Take advantage of this opportunity and feel free to contact us for additional help and any questions that you may have.