Local Search Marketing with Facebook

Most marketers and businesses associate Google AdWords as the way to go for local search marketing.  Indeed, it is likely the best form of paid search marketing – whether local or global.

However, thinking that AdWords is the only way to go would be to remove a great opportunity.  Facebook has powerful paid search possibilities, thanks to its strong targeting options.

It is first wise to consider the role of Facebook in search marketing.  As users are increasingly using social networks – Facebook being the leader by a great deal – they are also using these search engines prominently.  You must also remember that social media has SEO power, which can create further value as an overall SEO and search strategy.

Thus, creating an ad in Facebook makes a lot of sense.  And since you can target very specific users – the sky is the limit.

These functions allow you to narrow your ad to specific cities and regions.  You can also further narrow your ad by tailoring it to your target audience – including age, gender, and interest demographics.  Don’t forget that you can promote a link as well; Facebook advertising is not just for building your Facebook page.

Keep your options open when it comes to local search marketing, as well as search marketing in general.  An outlet like Facebook can help you compare which methods are most effective, and social media marketing in general can be a great complement to AdWords.  Strong presences on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ will boost your SEO overall.

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