Michigan Web Design: Recapturing Your Customers with an Optimal Web Experience

  • As a Michigan web design company, we understand the point of what we do.  And while many may not understand it – it’s not about creating a flashy and eye-opening website.

  • Sure, that is nice at times, and even necessary for some brands.  However, in the words of Gerry McGovern, web experience is “the functional heart of web design.”  Simple and more functional web designs are finally getting their due, according to McGovern.

  • He tells the story of a Norwegian bank, Sparebanken, that had a homepage filled with marketing pieces and news.  As you might expect, there were the typical abundance of flashy images where graphic design tried to jump out at the customer.  Yet, at the same time, customers were having difficulty signing in and calculating loan figures.

  • With a new home page that is centered on the design process and lacking marketing messages, McGovern unleashes the following results:

    1. A much better sign in process.

    2. An increase in the loan calculator use by 236 percent.

    3. Traffic to most important product information and services increased by 520 percent.

  • Indeed, without the abundance of materials aimed at pushing their products and services – they actually fared better with a simple design.  Once the complexities were removed, users were better able to do business with the bank and find what they needed.

  • What’s the take-away point: “Web design must be judged by its ability to help people do things.”  McGovern is certainly onto something, as Sparebanken and others are finding success with this simple approach.

Is your business in need of a simple approach?  Contact us and we’ll be glad to talk to you about your web design needs!