Mobile Optimized Websites: Targeting Nearby Areas for Local SEO

The need for having mobile optimized websites is clear.  With the impressive increase in mobile devices and searches, businesses must react and prepare for these users.  Done correctly, they can reap more growth with websites that cater to this – and all – customers.

Due to the increase in local searches, businesses that have a local presence (i.e., a physical store) must properly optimize their content.  Otherwise known as local SEO, it truly pays to target searchers who are looking for that type of business in a particular location.

Some businesses make a mistake here.  They optimize content for their city – but they fail to do so for nearby areas.

Imagine a dentist office that is located in St. Paul, Minnesota.  That may be the primary focus of their client base – but what about nearby cities?  Minneapolis is very close, along with a number of suburbs that could be targeted.

With the right approach, that office could create content for these locations.  Blog posts that mention where they are located could mention nearby cities and communities.  Hence, when customers are looking for a dentist in their area, they can see that there is a great office that isn’t too far away – and the informational/helpful posts could draw them in further, as well as other items (promotions, etc.).

Take advantage of mobile searches by identifying all opportunities for local SEO.  Feel free to contact usfor more helpful tips and to reap the benefits of local searches.  It could be a great way to take your business to the next level.