SEO Services Adapt To 2013 Trends

2013 will undoubtedly be a year in which content, mobile, video, and Google authorship gain traction inSEO services. Simultaneously, certain link-building techniques that were popular in the past will be increasingly less effective in driving high search engine rankings.

Mobile & Video in SEO

Showing up in both mobile and video search results continues to grow in importance. Mobile devices are not only becoming more numerous. They are increasingly the means used to browse the web.

Analysis of your particular customers’ Internet behavior patterns is more important. Not every business will require a major focus on mobile and/or video search engine results.

Nonetheless, ask yourself whether your customers are likely to use four square or yelp, rather than google, to find you. Also analyze whether the creation of videos will likely benefit your business or not. Finally, sme cost-benefit analysis is important in the mobile and video realms. Is the expense and effort to accelerate mobile and/or video presence worth it?

2013: Content, Content, Content

For a couple of years, a variety of aggressive link-building and other SEO tactics skyrocketed in importance. Then Google and other search engines got wise to this and algorithms were promptly amended. Quality search traffic from “hands-off” link-building services is declining.

Now that low-quality tactics and tricks no longer work, the effectiveness of ranking via original and high-quality content has actually increased. Moreover, genuine, quality content has every reason to remain valuable for a long time. For many businesses, maintaining search rankings may get a bit more expensive. However, quality content is arguably more capable of producing referrals and high quality traffic that is truly desired.

In numerous business sectors, organic search engine traffic is now reduced. Certain searches will generate a whole page full of results from a single domain, effectively locking new enterprises out of success with those keywords. Paid channels will become more important for many, including some that are not search -related.

Google Authorship

This involves identifying pages as essentially representing the work of the author. These highlighted posts are then included in certain search results along with author information.

Developing a quality Google authorship profile can be an appropriate response to Google’s changed rules of the game. It can also be a proactive measure should such authorship become even more important in the future. In short, implementing and developing such authorship can be effective.

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