Twitter’s Vine Expands Into Internet Marketing Service

Have you heard of Vine? It is the newest social media feature on Twitter. A mobile video app that allows you only 6 seconds to make a point. Since January 24, 2013, companies are working hard at figuring out how to utilize this for their benefit.

Vine marketing is like all marketing campaigns, your feature must be well thought out. Address to your specific market and not just anyone. With such a wide audience on Twitter it is tempting to say anything and everything hoping to grab a larger group. While, that might happen it may not be the best return on investment (ROI). Think about what message you want your market to hear and understand. Keep your brand image consistent. Consult an internet marketing service for the strongest strategy.

Here are 7 tips to get you started:

  1. Create new videos appropriate for 6 seconds viewing that loops.

  2. Keep it simple and stay on one great idea or concept.

  3. Do not use Vine for private groups, it is public.

  4. Think Vine as a movie trailer. It is a glimpse of what great things you have to offer without much detail.

  5. Demonstrate your brand’s image and personality.

  6. Make it fun, creative, and quirky.

  7. Bring your 140-character text Tweet to life as a visual.

  8. Vine marketing is in the early stages and needs to be evaluated for its success. Twitter and Vine currently do not provide any analytics. You will need to be responsible in creating your own by tracking visits, leads, link clicks, third party analytics, and more.

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