WordPress Web Design: How To Choose a Theme

WordPress is the world’s leading content management system (CMS) for websites. One reason for this is that it is fairly straightforward to install and typically it can take less than an hour before it can be used for a full-fledged blog.

Another reason for its popularity is the number of themes (templates for website layouts and visuals) that are available for it. Not only is there a theme for nearly every conceivable type of website, theme customization is pretty convenient and available from the dashboard. If no available theme suits your needs or you can not tweak one in just the right way, it is also possible to develop a theme from the ground up.

Since themes are such an important detail with WordPress web design, let us look at some important guidelines for choosing the right theme to go with a website:

Navigation Needs Is the site primarily going to be used as a blog? In this case, it is generally okay for the theme to have a single navigation bar that usually point to blog categories or perhaps even a calendar. However, a site that offers a service should have an easy-to-read top menu bar and a large, visible space for a title: keep in mind that branding is very important to a website.

Website Tone There are literally thousands of WordPress themes, many of them free but others offered for-profit by professional designers. This means that no matter what the tone of your website happens to be and what you would like to convey to the visitors, there is likely an existing theme that will capture it. For instance, a website oriented towards gamers or auto-enthusiasts may feature many sleek, metallic design touches and futuristic accents. However, a website meant for wedding services may feature soft pastel colors, panels that evoke objects like a wedding cake, and other festive design choices.

The layout and instant visual impression of a website are crucial to visitor engagement and therefore any consideration that goes into the theme is valuable. For help in choosing themes or even for one tailored to the exact needs of your website, contact JC Whelan LLC, located in Brighton, Michigan.